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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coming Soon! Undiscovered Tomes: An eBook Review Blog

A Book Review Blog by Rebecca W. Foster

That's right! I've decided that indie authors need a break. Marketing is tough, and reviews are important. Unfortunately, a lot of us can't market our way out of a paper bag (<--- see that cliche, there? That's a big no-no. Don't do that in your book. Ever. Except when it makes sense to break the rules because the rules don't make sense. And don't put this much in between parentheses, either.) and have no idea how to generate reviews.

Now go back and read that last sentence without reading everything in between the parentheses, because you've probably just figured out that you have no idea what the point of that last sentence even was.

Told you so!

The simple fact, though, is that some great books are out there just waiting to be read, and I'm on a mission to find them, review them, and give those authors some well deserved attention. These novels and short stories are their babies, their pride and joy, born of blood, sweat, and tears.

Who am I reviewing? Think magic.

In general, I'm looking at the genre of fantasy in its many forms, either Young Adult or General Adult. But I did just say, "Think magic," so I should point out that holiday stories are great, as well... as long as they have fantasy elements within them.

I'm starting with freebies, but I'll branch out to others in the future. Specifically, I'm searching for ebooks that have one review or less on Kindle or Nook. I'm looking for treasure, and I know I'll find it.

Will that treasure end up being your book?