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Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Contact Form: Discovering the Undiscovered

Look over to your right.

No, not that far right... I mean the right side of your screen. 

See it?

Undiscovered Tomes has a contact form, now!

Do you have an ebook that you'd like reviewed? It's easier to get ahold of me, now. Just fill out the information requested under "Contact me!"

Send me:
  • Your title, 
  • The name you're writing under
  • Genre
  • A brief explanation of your work (the blurb you're using would be great)
  • And the best way for me to get into contact with you.
If I like what I see, I'll get in contact with you and request a copy of your work. Be sure that your ebook meets the basic guidelines, so a review can be posted for everyone to see.

Will your ebook be the next Treasured Tome?

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