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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Devoured By Jason Brant Gives Us Some REAL Vampires!

Terrorist Attack?

Inside job gone awry?

Either way, the future isn't looking so good for humanity.

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Welcome to Devoured, first book within the post-apocalyptic Hunger series written by Jason Brant.

So what's it about?

Lance York has hit rock bottom. He has no job, no future employment is in sight, he's in the midst of a particularly nasty divorce, and suffers from depression. Things just can't get worse. That's what he thinks, however...

One day, he discovers a woman that is clearly sick, and not in her right mind. She walks right in front of a car, oblivious to the danger, and Lance jumps out to push her out of the way. He gets hit instead, and winds up in the hospital. Soon after he wakes up, the hospital is inexplicably shut off from the rest of the city, quarantined.

A virus is sweeping across the nation's large cities, sickening its victims. This virus transforms people into hideous monsters that have lost all humanity, replacing it with rage and hunger. The woman Lance saved was one of the infected...

I'll be honest. I thought this was going to be a run of the mill zombie ebook.

I was wrong!

It shares many of those characteristics, but it goes beyond that - the people that have been transformed are still alive - no undeadness. Can I say 'undeadness'? Is that even a word? No? I claim it as my own, then...

It was different. These creatures were strong, they had a taste for human flesh and blood, and they stayed away from the light. 

That's right - 

Brant wrote about vampires! Not the lovey-dovey, pretty, sweet, and sparkly kind, but the awesome kind. 

The kind with no soul.
And smart.

Exactly what I love! Bela Lugosi's Nosferatu... on PCP! And bigger. With enhanced limbs and musculature.

Ok, maybe they're nothing like Nosferatu... but you get the point. These creatures are awe-inspiringly complex and nasty - anyone that's looking for a vampire novel that doesn't portray them as beautiful will love Brant's descriptions.

I did have one problem with Devoured, however. Occasionally, I found that the dialogue didn't feel true. There were incidents in which I felt a particular character wouldn't speak in a certain way, or use specific speech patterns. This stretched my belief a bit thin, at times.

But overall, this ebook took me into imaginary territory that I was happy to follow it into. The action, sequence of events, and environment were all well written and believable.

And! And! And! 

Awesome vampires!

Forget the mushy, sympathetic, likeable vampire! Brant gave us the type of blood sucking, flesh eating creature of the night that many of us have been screaming for... and made it into a living, breathing beast.

Devoured can be found on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

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