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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

D.L. Denham's Reho is an Apocalyptic Blast!

Forget the Zombie apocalypse.

Nuclear holocaust? Scratch that, too.

But don't clear out your emergency stash...

Because today we're talking Alien Apocalypse!!!

image via http://amzn.to/UNK5pK
Cover Art by Pavel Sokov.

Reho is the first installment of The Hegemon Wars, an apocalyptic science fiction series written by D.L. Denham.

So what's it about?

During the Hegemon invasion, the powerful alien race took over a human society that had already torn itself apart through nuclear warfare. Radiation levels are high outside the safe zones, and humans can't survive away from those boundaries for more than a few minutes without protective gear. The world did this to itself, but the Hegemon invasion created a new - and even more immediate - danger. Most humans live in fear and poverty... exactly the way the Hegemon want it.

But then there's Reho. He's never been like everyone else. He's stronger, faster, and he can survive outside of the safe zones. He's been living away from society for the last few years, but finally decides to return. He has family that he misses. When he finally returns home, however, events propel him away from his hometown again, this time placing him at the epicenter of a rebel plan that could change the world. But will he have the ability to do what's required?

Ok, so there is a bit of nuclear holocaust thrown in... but this centers on the evil green men that arrive in the midst of it... doing even more damage to the human race... so it's not quite the same. 

So, there!

Reho is a character centered novel that takes place within the heart of a future ruled by cruel alien overlords.

You know... the kind of ebook that makes me a happy girl!

See, we all know that anything post-apocalyptic gets me pretty excited: it gives me plenty of fuel for my "what to do in case of an emergency" file cabinet that I keep in a nice, easy to access part of my brain. Adding aliens to my list puts me in seventh heaven.

Yeah... I'm a little weird. I know it.

But Denham gave those of us that do this sort of thing quite a bit to work with! He gave us an advanced alien race (of course) that breathes a different atmosphere than our own, made it humanoid so that we can relate, then gave us funky mutations that spring up amongst the humans. He did all of this while giving us danger zones that can physically annihilate us.

Ah, the sweet smell of total destruction!

Oh, wait... No, that's actually the scent of Reho, who spends so little time around human society that he rarely has the opportunity to bathe. Add the fact that water only runs for about five minutes when he does get the chance, and... yeah. It's ugly.

His personality, on the other hand? I love him. Every choice he makes, every action he takes, is filled with purpose. He doesn't do anything 'just because it's fun.' He sees the world through different eyes than the rest of us. And that's not just because his eyes appear to be different from the human norm.

Kind of like the eyes of a Hegemon, in fact...

See, he knows there's something different about him. He simply doesn't know what that is. He does discover the truth, however, after he joins a ship's crew. He thinks he's simply there to protect the delivery of some important goods to New Afrika.

Soon, though, he discovers that his part to play is much bigger than that.

What part is that? Well... SPOILERS! Yep. Totally not telling you. You'll have to read it.

And you'll enjoy doing so. Denham has written a novel that keeps you turning the pages. Even moments that should be dull end up keeping your eyes plastered to the page. He paints a vivid picture of a world gone wrong, continually making you think, "Yeah, I can see that happening. We humans are really messed up, aren't we?"

There were a decent amount of mistypes, but I found them easy to overlook, since both dialogue and narration were extremely well done. Reho didn't quite achieve Treasured Tome status, since my heartstrings weren't tugged hard enough for that, but it wasn't far off.

And Denham has also published a short prequel to Reho, called Red Denver... something I'm very interested in. The future of our world felt realistic, and was obviously well researched. Reading something that deals with what happened before Reho would be quite a treat!

If you have a thing for apocalyptic sci-fi that deals with alien invasion, you'll want to read this one. You'll also want to wear an AIM. Because AIMs are cool. I'm putting one in my "what to do in case of an emergency" file cabinet.

But you have to read Reho to understand why.

Reho can only be found on Kindle.

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