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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Magnificent Pilgrimage of Angels

Such a unique perspective!

I have another epic fantasy for you, today. This one conveys awe striking images that are both beautiful and grotesque. The descriptions within this story were masterfully arranged in a manner that made them seem more musical than narrative.

image via http://a.wattpad.com/cover/7947382-256-k642242.jpg

The title is Pilgrimage of Angels, and it's written by Raymond Sardella and J.D. Rice.

So what's it about?

Long before the human race came to be, God's first creations, the Titans, waged a war against Him. They were banished into oblivion... but they never gave up their desire to shape the Earth according to their own selfish wishes. As the Titans renew their war on their creator, God breathes life into a new race of beings: the angels. The newborn angels awaken with a need to travel toward the light, knowing it must be protected at all costs.

See? I told you it was epic!

Normally, I find myself put off by Christian literature. Even when the story is good, I feel like the author is lecturing me, banging me over the head with their personal mission to instill their faith into my oh-so-unworthy soul.

That didn't happen here.

Rather, I found myself swept up into a great pilgrimage of innocent, yet driven and passionate, beings that were only beginning to learn who they were, what their purpose was, and even why they were born in the first place.

I was overwhelmed by the scale of the charge they were given, and crushed by the level of devastation and pain that they suffered. Though the angels felt a great love for the Earth they were born upon, their need to complete their pilgrimage was even more intense, and they pushed themselves to the limit throughout the journey, and suffered great losses.

Pilgrimage of Angels flowed very smoothly, and the narration painted vivid and awe-inspiring images. I could see, hear, and smell everything, as though I was standing on the sidelines, watching the Angels as they pushed on through all adversity.

Unfortunately, I was a spectator, rather than a participant.

For whatever reason, I didn't feel a personal stake in this journey, and because of that, I didn't award Treasured Tome status.


I believe that I'm probably in the minority on this one. This may simply be a case in which the style is very different from what I prefer. Pilgrimage of Angels is truly an amazing work, and is well worth reading. It kept my interest from the first page until the last. Even though I didn't award Treasured Tome status to this one, I think many people would disagree.

Pilgrimage of Angels is available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

***Quick note: It's also available on Scribd, which is where I got it from.

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