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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Caitlin Sinead's Denali in Hiding is Going to Be a Blast!

Not too long ago, I had an author request that I review her book, and she sent me a link with the necessary information.

I looked over it, and within a few moments...

I just knew...
the answer was a big no.

But wait! This isn't a bad thing!

It's actually a really wonderful, 
amazingly fun, 
exciting thing!

See, I said no, but not because I wasn't interested. Rather, I said this because I saw something that needed to be shared, rather than simply reviewed.

What in the world am I babbling on about now?

I'm talking about a yet-to-be-published ebook that is soon to go live on Wattpad.

Denali in Hiding by Caitlin Sinead, coming August 27

What? She can move trucks with her mind?! Yes!!!



          ...Oh, come on. You all know that you've dreamed about doing that! Well, at least I have.

Denali in Hiding is a YA science fiction novel, and I'm pretty sure we'll find romance within, since the author, Caitlin Sinead, has 2 new adult books about to be published with Harlequin (Carina Press).

Don't worry - she's publishing Denali in Hiding independently. I'm not switching gears on you!

So what's it about?

Denali has telekinetic abilities, which caused her to be recruited by the American Psi Council. She lives on an island set apart from the rest of the country, along with other psis, where her abilities can be used without fear. 

But Denali has discovered that someone is planning to set off a bomb within the nation's capital, and knows she needs to stop it. The problem? Humans without psi abilities have a tendency to be suspicious of those they don't understand, and act on those fears. Her involvement, therefore, would not be looked upon favorably by the Council... or the general populace.

What will Denali do when she knows that either action or inaction would have severe consequences? We'll find that out in just a few days...

So why in the world would I choose not to review a book that I'm so interested in? 

Well, Sinead is releasing this in a manner that I've never experienced. You see, Denali tells this story through journal entries, starting on August 27th.

You see what I'm getting at here?

Sinead's releasing this ebook on the same dates as those within Denali's journal! Yep. This ebook is being released in real-time. We'll experience the story's events at the same time that she does. This will happen from August 27th through January 4th.

How awesome is that?!

So, yeah. I'm choosing not to review this one right now, because I want to experience it in real time. The way I see it, there's a special something about reading a book in the manner that the author intends it. Could I read it now? Sure.

But would it feel the same?

I don't think so.

And so I'm starting the story at the same time as everyone else. I want the full experience that Sinead intended. I do, however, plan on doing a review partway through, and that'll definitely be posted on Undiscovered Tomes.

And I want you reading it with me!

I've never actually spent any time on Wattpad (Bad Rebecca! No cookie!), nor have I ever read a book released in segments, and so I had a few questions. I'm sure some of you do, too, so I asked Caitlin Sinead to teach us a few things about the process.

Here are the main points that I think everyone should know. (FYI, I elected to directly quote her answer to the first question. Everything else is in my own voice.):

How often does Denali write in her journal?
"She does not write in it every day, and some days she writes in it more than once (especially in the first week). I think the longest period of time between entries is about 2 weeks, but for the most part she'll be "posting" every 3-5 days up until January 4."

Do we need to join Wattpad to read it?
Nope. You can read everything at this link: http://www.wattpad.com/62916097-denali-in-hiding
If we go through this route, we navigate through the tab located directly below the title to find the correct journal entry.

Then why would we even want a Wattpad account?
If we do join Wattpad, we can follow Caitlin Sinead, which means we'll get notifications every time a new post goes live, and we'll have the ability to go directly to that day's entry. A Wattpad account is FREE, so there's no need to worry about cost. Plus! We can comment on the story as it plays out, and she does try to respond to all comments.

Are you getting a Wattpad account, Rebecca?
Yeppers! In fact, I already did. You can find me under UndiscoveredTomes. We can totally follow the story together. I know, I know... I still have the stock photo there, have no bio. Don't worry - I'll change that. Eventually...


Head over to Wattpad on August 27th, and start reading Denali in Hiding!

Yep. I'm a wee bit excited... Join me in this real-time adventure!

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