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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Enjoying Tania Johansson's Riddle of Fate is Your Destiny!

One sweet and naive girl
One Angel running from judgement
One really big mess for the living and the dead!

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Riddle of fate is a paranormal fantasy written by Tania Johansson.

So what's it about?

All Khaya wanted was to get through her work of foretelling future events at the Company every day, then go home to her loving boyfriend: a simple life. That shouldn't have been too much to ask. Unfortunately, one day she made the mistake of fixing a typewriter... without touching it. While some people have one ability beyond normal human ranges, nobody has had more than that in over sixty years... and the few that did have two abilities went insane soon after the second one made itself known.

Khaya is rushed to be tested, told by the Company that they want to help her, perhaps keep her from slipping into madness. But then she begins noticing a man that no one else seems to be able to see. Could she truly be going insane, or is there some other explanation? As Khaya puzzles through her situation, one thing becomes clear: there is much more going on than anyone has seen fit to tell her.

This was one fun ebook!

The story was well crafted, dialogue was true, and the subterfuge and manipulation within it brought an excited smile to my face on more than one occasion.

To be honest, at first I saw Khaya as some dopey girl that just sort of followed the action, doing as she was told. She was incredibly naive, she seemed to lack willpower, and I didn't see much in the way of redeeming qualities, beyond her kind heart.


Then I realized that was exactly the point. Even other characters within the story noticed this flaw in her. In other words, throughout the book she had to grow a spine and learn to be a bit more careful about her choices.

And, boy, did she!

She not only gained a backbone, but became a strong, confident, lovable character. Khaya showed some definite growth, and I greatly appreciate that!

And then there was Derrin.

Derrin is a Collector. What's that? Basically, it's a grim reaper. He guides the souls of the dying into the great beyond. He kind of got into a wee bit of trouble one day long ago. See, instead of doing his job, he kinda sorta brought the person back to life.


So, now he's on the run. By breaking this Collector law, he has forfeited his chance at salvation. And guess who the person whose soul he didn't collect was? Yep, you got it. Khaya. He's been watching over her ever since.

And it's a good thing, too, because she'll need him before this book is over! Heck, she's needed him from the very beginning. Naive, remember?

So, seriously, read this book. I'm having to practically gag myself to keep from telling you the whole thing! It's fast paced, the dialogue is perfect, and it'll keep you reading from beginning to end.

No boring slow bits.

Riddle of Fate can only be found on Kindle.

P.S. You can read chapter one here, if you need extra encouragement to read this beauty! ---> Of Past Things. Things Best Forgotten.

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