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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I, Vampire

A plague slowly takes root in your body.

You fight a desperate battle for control.

Shortness of breath. Lethargy. Inability to concentrate on daily issues.

Sunlight severely burns your skin.

Sounds like the beginning of a vampire novel, right?

I wish...

Sadly, I got better after dealing with a nasty illness, but then ended up getting sick all over again. Don't worry - I won't be starting the zombie apocalypse, nor am I turning into a vampire. Good thing, too, because vampirism really wouldn't work well with my personality.

I just have a pain-in-the-butt illness that won't go away, and that's affecting my ability to get any reading done.

So there's no review again today. I apologize for that. 

I'm working hard at healing, and soon I'll be back to my normal self again, with reviews aplenty. I just need to allow myself the time to heal... and stay out of the sunlight. One of my darned medications causes major sunburns if you go out into the sun.

Of course, that just means I have plenty of first-hand research if I ever decide to write a vampire novel, right?

But speaking of vampires...

I just noticed that my post shares a title with a book I read decades ago, one that I really enjoyed. It's not indie, so I won't ever review it, but if you're in the mood for a good vampire novel, Michael Romkey wrote I, Vampire, along with a few other vampire novels that are definitely worth a read.

I mean, I remembered it while sick and unable to concentrate. That has to mean something, right?

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